Parish of  Stanford Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.




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Welome to Neighbourhood Watch for the Parish of Stanford. The scheme here is divided into two sections, with Ken Hull being responsible for all of Stanford Parish to the north of the railway line (but including Westenhanger Station), and Martin de Wolf covering the area to the south of the station.

If you see a crime in progress do not wait to see one of us – just dial 999. Something of a less urgent nature can be reported to 01304 240055 such as anti-social behaviour or a suspicious incident. Give as much information as possible. Try and get a vehicle registration number or the make and colour of the vehicle if one is involved.

The front page of this website has the contact details of our Police Community Support Officer – who can also be e-mailed.

Neighbourhood Watch is about local people working together, looking out for each other to defeat the criminal. Everyone can be involved in NWH. In fact the more people involved in the scheme the more effictive it is. Neighbourhood Watch is the most successful local community crime prevention initiative with schemes all over the country. It is the largest voluntary organisation in the Country covering 27% of households.

From time to time e-mails sent to the Neigbourhood Watch Officers will be posted below – especially when “lots of eyes” are needed. 


As there has been an increase in shed burglaries across the region, please find below handy hints and tips on how to keep your belongings safe.:-

Reference: FB/3620/10]
Community message
This is a Ringmaster message, reference number FB/3620/10.
Kent Trading Standards is aware that a chain e-mail about an alleged postal scam is being circulated on the internet and being forwarded by consumers trying to be helpful.
The scam is no longer operating.
The email warns about a scam involving a card being posted through Kent residents’ doors from a company called PDS (Parcel Delivery Service) stating that they are unable to deliver a parcel and that the householder needs to contact them on 0906 66 11 911 to arrange delivery.
The e-mail urges you not to call the phone number given as you will be charged exorbitant amounts of money, and to circulate the message to friends and family.

·PhonepayPlus the phone-paid services regulator shut down the service and subsequently fined the company that was operating the service, Studio Telecom (based in Belize), £10,000

·The service is NO LONGER running and has NOT been running since December 2005.
·You do NOT need to contact PhonepayPlus, or the Royal Mail, about this service as it was stopped almost five years ago.
·If you receive a copy of the email warning you about the alleged scam, please do NOT forward it to others. Instead, please forward this information.

For more detailed information about PhonepayPlus’ work, please visit To report any concerns you have call Trading Standards via Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06 or visit

That is the end of this Ringmaster message reference number FB/3620/10.  (reposted 23rd Nov 2010)


Posted 28th July 2009

The role of Trading Standards

The role of Trading Standards is to provide advice and guidance to consumers and businesses. Amongst other tasks we try to disrupt the activities of doorstep criminals. If necessary we can prosecute the worst offences provided we have sufficient evidence. Please take the time to report doorstep criminals to us via Consumer Direct on 0845 404 05 06. The information we receive is valued. Consumer Direct can also give you information on your rights as a consumer. Visit our website at to find out more about what we do.

We have recently published a booklet “The Smart Guide to Scams – How to deal with doorstep criminals, scam mail and unwanted phone calls” to get a copy email or view it on line at
Doorstep Callers
Doorstep Callers offering most goods or services valued at over £35.00 should provide you with a 7 day cancellation period in writing. A recent change to the law means that you will be able to cancel any contract made while in your home; this applies to both cold callers and businesses you invite to call.
Always carefully consider any offer that is made to you at your door. If you are told work needs to be done on your property take extra care. There are very few jobs around the house that need to be done immediately. Do not be pressurised into making an instant decision.
Call Consumer Direct on 08454 040506 or visit   for further advice or to report any details that have been taken e.g. descriptions of the caller(s) vehicle details/registrations, phone numbers.
Check out the Buy with Confidence Scheme for details of approved traders you can trust at or by ringing Trading Standards on 01233 652385
Scam Mail
Scam mail could be mail order catalogues, letters asking for your assistance in transferring money, letters telling you that you have won a prize in a draw or offering to tell you your future. Never respond as it could increase the amount of scam mail that you will get. Dispose of it in your recycling bag remembering to remove any personal information.
Unwanted Mail
By registering with the Mail Preference Service it is possible to reduce the amount that is received. It is a free service. It is unlikely that this will stop any mailings from abroad.
Mailing Preference Service
DMA House
70 Margaret Street
Tel 0845 703 4599   
Unwanted Telephone Calls
Register with the Telephone Preference Service to reduce the number of unwanted calls. It is unlikely to stop calls coming from outside the UK.
Telephone Preference Service
DMA House
70 Margaret Street
Tel 0845 070 0707